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Diary of a slacker.
Diary of a slacker.


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   Sunday, January 13, 2002  
to be continued.

now it is done.
this time she has won.
second to none.
time has the gun.

still smoking when you die.
this is the way you fly.
up where we are free.
where i am you.,
and you are me.

at one with so many around.
why does it seem to bring me down.
sitting here once asked for this dance.
how can it pretend to be just a glance.

is it how i am hopeless in you?
is this how you are in him to?


   posted by -- sh0cked at 1/13/2002 10:17:18 PM


..about stuff..
.about stuff I do.


we are all figments of our own imaginations




(sorry nomikon :P)


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